CAE Analyst (SIMPACK) Warwick // £20.94 per hour // Contract

Job Reference: JO0012986
Position: CAE Analyst (SIMPACK)
The role is for the position of Virtual Engineer in Digital Vehicle Team, part of the Digital Engineering Team. The Digital Vehicle Team is responsible for delivery of SIMPACK Multi Body System (MBS) Master Models and 1D-CarMaker Master Models to agreed modelling standards and timing to the business to support virtual engineering of all vehicle programmes.
This is done by parameterizing a standardized model template of the full vehicle models and then distributing the resulting vehicle models across the company for performance assessment, design development and calibration providing the business with a single source of consistent models.
Another aspect of the work the Digital Vehicle team carries out is to develop automation tools for model build, quality checks and the general management of the digital vehicle factory. In other words, create the machine that builds the machine. This is done via scripting, mainly in Python and MatLab, using state of the art software development tools such as JIRA and BitBucket. By doing this a set of best practices and tools is created that then is shared across other digital factories that might require them.
Skills Required:
·High levels of personal organisation and attention to detail
·Good verbal and written communication skills
·Confident to communicate. Good team player and self-motivated
·Relevant degree or equivalent (automotive/mechanical engineering, physical sciences, or similar)

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