Data Process Modeller Warwickshire // £25.49 per hour // Contract

Job Reference: JO0012985
Position: Data Process Modeller
The data modellers core deliverable will be the creation of the data models required, to meet the requirements of manufacturing, and then map the data models across the process models.
Each piece of data in a process model must relate to the business object represented in the data model.
A secondary deliverable is a set of entries regarding the data objects to be stored in a data dictionary.
This will be a repository which links the data, process and logical models.
A key outcome will be to enable the understanding of the data, how and where it is used, and provide the correct output to other areas of the business where the data is used by business intelligence, machine learning, data science, and other business interests.
This will require working with the relevant stakeholders and have the ability to understand required inputs and translate them into a logical data model, following approval from the Master Data Manager.
Skills Required:
·Must have good knowledge of metadata management, data modelling, and related tools (ARIS or others) required.
·Must be able to work with and clearly communicate with stakeholders, including where required playback/present out the models.
·Ideally have experience with data warehouse, data lake, and enterprise big data platforms in multi-data-center contexts required.

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